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D&A Secrets guarantees its clients the confidentiality of their personal data.

When you place an order, we collect the following information about you:

  • Name and surname are used to identify the person, which is required by some delivery methods, such as courier delivery to chosen address
  • Email is used to send the confirmation of the order and the bill
  • Phone number is used to contact you regarding any issues with the order and to contact you regarding delivery
  • Country is used to provide you with country-specific options of delivery and payment
  • Address is not required if you choose a delivery option with an identified address (e.g. DPD Pickup Point), but otherwise is required to deliver the order to you

All this information is used internally and in no circumstance will be publicly available.

You will receive your order in a non-transparent package without any statement about the concrete contents of the package, except that the package will marked as sent by D&A Secrets.

According to GDPR, you have a right to send us a written request for deleting the personal data we store with your orders or with your profile, should you create one. In this case, your orders will be kept in our system for financial reporting purposes but will be anonymised, so that they do not contain your personal data.

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